Agua Sunday Brunch


There’s no better way to while away a Sunday afternoon. Have it your way and choose amongst 5 different styles of egg made  “a la minute” for you. You will not easily be able to choose between all Salads, Meat Tarts, and Coldcuts – just to name a few –  so take your time (11.30 – 3.00 pm)

Local Seafood dishes are offered on the Buffet including, homemade Sushi, fresh Oysters, Tiraditos, Seafood Salads, Hot and Cold appetizers, and freshly in front of you prepared traditional peruvian Ceviches.

On the hot station you are likely to find Paella, Local Catch prepared Cayman Style, always a vegetarian Option and of course our famous Beef Wellington.

Simon has created some “fun”tastic and addictive Brunch Cocktails which are optional.

Our Dessert Buffet is becoming more and more famous, try to find your favorite of at least 10 different options, or help yourself to some Cheese and Exotic Fruits.

Come and celebrate your birthday, your anniversary, a way overdue reunion with a friend,  or just another great time at Agua’s Sunday Brunch.

Please call or email us for reservation +1 345 949 2482 or

Prices are on a regular Sunday CI$19 for kids (6 – 12), CI$39 just the food option, CI$54 food and bubbles.