Salmon & capers

Lunch Specials

Monday – Friday from 11.30 am  – 5.00 pm

3 Course Menu with Choices (CI 19.95)

or order of our Lunch Menu

Dinner Specials

We have daily changing Dinner Specials!! Depending on what our local Fishermen and Farmers provide us with, we will offer you delicious seasonal specials.

Please call for the menu +1 345 949 24 82



Drinks Specials

The Local trees provide us with addictive, natural sweet, mouthwatering fruits which we will use to infuse your cocktail of choice.

But… like a good movie, sometimes classics are best… You will rather be impressed while kicking back and enjoying some old classic drinks traditionally made such as  “Old Fashioned”  Manhattans, Collins, Sazarac or a proper refreshing Daiquiri -simple and sophisticated.

Our Bartenders, with Simon, Alex and Manu in the middle will be sure to shake it to perfection in order to leave you with a smile and the urge to say… just keep them coming.

Come after work and have some appetizers with your drinks. We have the bar ready for you, find your seat … and cheers.